we empower companies to go plastic free

Mission statement

Encourage a zero waste culture of thinking in the UAE by educating society on the best environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic drinking bottles.

Vision statement

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the seas and oceans than fish. We felt so strongly about this figure that we had to exist as a company.  Sprudel is working on a problem that no business-owner actually knew existed. The dependency on plastic water bottles is something we have all been guilty of. Until the problem is known, the problem does not exist. The norm of offering your colleagues and clients a plastic bottle of water was built into the genes of companies in the UAE, this is something we are proudly changing.  Changing the mindset of companies. Changing the way businesses think about drinking water. Changing the impact corporations have on our environment.


Disrupting the UAE bottled water industry since 2014.