for a plastic free restaurant

For all you foodies out there

Our innovative machines created for the Food & Beverage industry are of the highest quality.  The system works by using two simple pieces of hardware: the base unit and the tap unit.  The base unit can be positioned under a bar out of sight whilst the attractive tap units can be integrated into the bar surface which maximises bar top space.  Like our basic machines the Sprudel4F&B series produces cooled, uncooled or sparkling water.

The base unit is the same for both taps.  It has a cooling capacity of 40 litres per hour and and a pump capacity of 140 litres per hour.  An integrated filter system ensures optimal water quality.


Choose between two different types of tap units.

a1 system

 The stainless steel a1 tap is a single standing tap unit.  The water selection buttons are integrated into the top of the tap, leaving a very modern and clean-designed tap on the bar countertop.

a3 system

The a3 tap has three separate taps, one for each type of water, thus increasing hourly output and the speed of filling still and sparkling water at the same time.  The traditional German style taps fit into any bar or restaurant and are made of stainless steel.