for a plastic free office

Save your business money

The drinking water system for the workplace (available in grey or white) is the simplest thirst-quenching machine which we offer. You can choose between cool sparkling or still water, while a standard filter system ensures permanent water hygiene. For additional peace of mind these machines are also available with a UV-C filter for additional protection against bacteria.


The machine can be installed as a countertop unit or as free-standing columns. Without the 90cm tall cabinet the machine is about the size of a box of mineral water only much more efficient. The basic machine cools up to 20 litres of water per hour and has a tap capacity of 150 litres.

Reduce your company's carbon footprint

No transportation or car trips to the supermarket.


No energy consumption for production, bottling and packaging material.

No plastic bottles to throw away.

For more advantages, check this out

Our latest dispenser combines high performance with elegance.  The split system comes with a base unit which is hidden from sight and the dispensing tower which is integrated onto the counter-top.  With a dispensing height of over 30cm, this system if perfect for filling your branded glass bottles.  The flip-down glass holder and illuminated dispensing head is perfect for all your drinking water needs.  The T3 uses a high capacity closed-loop cooling system for industry-leading cooling capabilities, which translates into plastic-free, cold still and sparkling water, on top, everyday.

Tower above the rest!